Richard Tinkler "New Paintings": Hollywood

12 November - 10 December 2022

Sebastian Gladstone is pleased to present “New Paintings,” a solo exhibition of abstract pictures by New York-based artist Richard Tinkler. The exhibition will open at our Hollywood gallery on Saturday, November 12th, with an opening reception from 6-9pm, and will run through Saturday, December 10th, 2022. With the use of meticulous brushstrokes and repetitive movements, Tinkler’s paintings navigate the relationship between space, intuition, and figure. The artist’s abstract paintings generate their own energetic flow, with geometrical shapes and layered brushstrokes that produce a textured, ethereal composition that is viscerally reminiscent of a psychedelic spiritual realm. 

Through the last decade, Tinkler has refined a process that fuses intuition and restraint; beginning in the morning, he completes each painting within one sitting. He first primes the canvas with a layer of wet paint that he then builds on, one small brushstroke at a time. The large-scale works seen in this latest exhibition are the largest Tinkler can produce in the 12-18 hour timeframe in which the paintings can be completed, and evoke the presence of a body, splayed out across the canvas. Through Tinkler’s process the painting becomes a blurred surface, which produces a textured, spatial effect throughout the canvas. Upon a closer inspection the broad, blurred figures resolve into individual, sharp strokes. Each painting thus negotiates the dichotomy between singularity and oneness, as one single brushstroke is transmuted into an entire energetic entity. Viewed as a whole, these paintings are part of a life-long journey into the process of painting, its alchemic potential, and the power of the undetermined image.
Installation Views