Sebastian & Marta’s Holiday Fête

10 - 18 December 2021

You are cordially invited to a two-day celebration and collaboration between Sebastian Gladstone and Marta: a Fête, if you will. Sebastian Gladstone's Holiday Fête will take place on Friday December 10th from 7–10PM, and Marta’s Holiday Fête will take place on Saturday December 11th from 5–8PM, and we would love to have you for both celebrations, as they are one and the same. Both presentations will run through Friday December 17th, with special holiday hours. Refreshments will be served. 


In the tandem spirit of collaboration and installation, the galleries teamed up to present two dynamic holiday shows with several new works and several you may have seen before, all under the happy blanket of the holidays. Bennet Schlesinger and Minjae Kim have created two new and specific bodies of work for the shows which you can see across both spaces, while other rostered artists and collaborators will be present as well. Moreover, Marta has placed works at Sebastian Gladstone, while Sebastian Gladstone has done the same at Marta. 


The holidays are always a time for reflection and coming together, and we hope you will join us with that incentive to see two fantastic exhibitions as we reflect on the past year and come together for two fun evenings, and perhaps a few enjoyable days thereafter. 


Installation Views