"Friends of Marvin Gardens" curated by Anthony Miler

17 April - 15 May 2021

I met Anthony Miler by chance, several years ago in New York. I was fascinated by the world he created out of a series of loading docks that turned into Marvin Gardens. More than just a gallery, Anthony has created a community of artists, exhibitions, studios, and successful practices out of a seemingly small undertaking. His vision is consistently large, exciting, and always fun. When approaching the idea of letting Anthony take the reins for this show, I was not worried at all, I knew he would deliver, and now here we are. Friends of Marvin Gardens will present works from Alicia Gibson, Paula Lawrie, Dan Mandelbaum, Eun-Ha Paek, James Ulmer and Sarah Kim, and is a colorful mix of ceramic sculpture and painting.. I love the idea of the cultural interchange this sort of show creates, I love that it turns me onto new artists, and starts new conversations. It’s a completely different show than I would normally have without my relationship with Anthony. Putting together the show was very fun and exciting, and I hope that comes across. I hope you enjoy yourself at Friends of Marvin Gardens. Thank you to Anthony, and all of the artists that contributed work to the show.

Installation Views