Omari Douglin


Omari Douglin (b. 1992, Brooklyn, NY) lives and works between Los Angeles and New York. Douglin’s skillfully rendered smaller works examine contemporary society offering uncanny representations of figures in dreamscapes that questions the viewers understanding of human life in relationship to the Universe. His uniquely diverse palette pairs with stains, pours, splatters and smears, to transport the viewer to an imaginative and fleeting space. The paintings function like visions giving one a glimpse into Douglin’s psyche which deeply reflect his thoughts, concerns, desires and wishes. These transformative figures represent him and the outcasts he identifies with. Douglin’s influences come from photos taken of people, photographs from the internet, memes, cartoons, memories, and his imagination. 


Douglin’s impactful larger works create layered narratives from similar sources that are personal reflections and commentaries on daily life. Using an array of understood painting styles, he creates vibrant works that often have hidden references to other artists and artworks. A little unpacking with the eyes shows us how his works critique the rapid way in which we digest images and information, confronting the viewer with slowing down to unpack the nuances in his visual language. His knowledge of the discipline is represented in the various attitudes he imbues in his work, felt in his renderings, and giving viewers a refreshing perspective on how to critically engage with figuration.


Douglin has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at Ramiken Crucible, Theta NYC, Micki Meng, Mrs. Gallery and more.