NADA New York 2022

5 - 8 May 2022 
Booth 2.03

For our presentation at NADA New York 2022, Sebastian Gladstone, in collaboration with Harkawik, will present a booth focused on the power of transformative making and the spiritual potential of the object. This tradition, rooted in sculpture, in particular as it relates to ceramics, assemblage, and fabrication dates back to some of the West Coast’s most revered artists who developed the scene. Within the booth, we will present a  wide survey of artists working in various three-dimensional mediums that showcase different worldviews, concepts, and dialogues within contemporary art and culture at-large. On the walls of the booth, both galleries will showcase paintings and flat works by gallery artists representative of their respective programs. Our booth features work by timo fahler, Magnus Maxine, Kirsten Morgin, Chad Murray, Nickola Pottinger, Charles Snowden, Willy Reed, and Amia Yokoyama.